Responsible Gambling

For the majority of users, gambling is a source of entertainment, fun, and excitement. However, we are aware that for some, it can lead to negative consequences. Pathological gambling has long been recognized as a serious illness in medical science.

From day one, addressing this issue and striving to assist those affected has been our priority. Under "Responsible Gambling," various measures are implemented to help reduce the risk of negative consequences and take active steps if they do occur.

The key tool in combating negative effects of gambling is knowledge and education about its risks. Encouraging self-control among users ensures they do not experience harmful effects.

Information and Contact

The support team is available via email at all times, with no additional costs to users:


Rest assured, the support team will not disclose any information about individuals to others without consent.

Additionally, individuals can take a self-assessment test if they suspect they have a gambling addiction at:

For more information on gambling addiction, visit: